Water Activity in oil

Resistance Temperature Sensor
Linear Integrated Sensor Transmitter (L.I.S.T)
Thermocouples-Miniature and Industrial Assemblies And Wells
Stabilized Thermocouples
Gas Turbine Stagnation Thermocouples and Harnesses

Portable Calibrators
Portable Digital Thermometers/QA Kits
Hand-Held Thermocouple Probes
Temperature Transmitters
Digital Process Indicators and Controllers
Thermocouple Connectors

Wall Mounted Gas Monitoring System MODEL MP202, 204

Explosion Proof Gas Monitoring System MODEL MP220EX
Rack/Panel Mounted Gas Monitoring System MODEL MP24
Wall Mounted Gas Monitoring System MODEL LC100
S2K (Flexible sampling system: continuous or periodic sampling)
Intelligent Transmitter MODEL 4-20IQ
Standard Transmitter MODEL SM95

Confined Space Entry Portable MODEL IQ-200
Single Gas Portable MODEL IQ-250
Single Gas Portable with Sample Pump MODEL IQ-350
Infra-red Portable Gas Detector IQ-350 EAGLE
Versatile Portable Gas Detector MODEL IQ-1000
Portable Photoionization Detector (PID) TLV PANTHER
Portable Photoionization Detector (PID) TLV FALCON

Hazardous Gas Monitors: A Practical Guide to Selection, Operation and Applications