IST’s Model IQ-200 requires just two sensors for confined space entry applications, a single solid state sensor for CO, H 2 S, and combustible gases, and an electrochemical sensor for oxygen. This makes the IQ-200 much more affordable than comparable confined
space entry portables. Additionally, both the solid state and oxygen sensors used in the IQ-200 are long-life sensors. Typical life expectancy is 5 years for the O 2 sensor and over 10 years for the solid state sensor. This results in a tremendous savings in long term operating costs associated with sensor replacement.
The IQ-200 has an audible alarm buzzer, and alarm LED’s indicate low, mid, and high alarm levels for the solid state sensor, and low and high alarms for the O 2 sensor. The IQ-200 does not incorporate a sample pump and samples by diffusion only. It is small and lightweight, weighing just 22 ounces, including batteries. It operates on 4 size ‘AA’ alkaline or nicad batteries, or the AC adapter/charger. Carrying case is included.