Thermo Electric: Taking Industry's Temperatures Around The World

one of the world's most respected manufacturers of temperature sensing devices, Thermo Electric Co., Inc. has continued to develop innovative solutions to industry's most demanding temperature measurement challenges for over half a century.

Founded in 1941 to serve the emerging needs of the U.S.aircraft industry, Thermo Electric quickly established a reputation for engineering ingenuity and product quality. Today, its experienced engineering staff provides solutions to complex temperature measurement challenges in virtually every industry. Thermo Electric's engineering and design expertise are reflected by an everexpanding family of sensor products to precisely measure temperature; and instruments to accurately interpret, control and calibrate the signal. With manufacturing sites and sales offices, located in Saddle Brook, NJ, USA, Brampton, Ontario, Canada and a NEW European office located in Ashford, Kent, England servicing the European Community.

Thermo Electric provides world-scale service to international companies as well as fast, efficient local service. Total Quality Management, lSO certification and calibration laboratory traceable to MIST, and other internationally accredited laboratories are additional reasons why Thermo Electric is the premier worldwide source for high-performance temperature monitoring products.

Sensors To Satisfy The Most Demanding Requirements

The world's largest manufacturer of temperature sensors, Thermo Electric offers a spectrum of products ranging from sophisticated Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) and Linear Integrated Sensor Transmitters (L.l.S.T.™) to workhorse thermocouples of every known type. The breadth and depth of Thermo Electric's product line allow you to select from the widest variety of designs and constructions available from any single source.

Industries and Application Served

- Utilities
- Refineries
- Chemical/Petrochemical Plants
- Gas Pipelines
- Paper Mills
- Pharmaceutical
- Food Preparation and Fast Food