IST’s Model IQ-1000 is the most unique and versatile portable gas detector on the market today. Using IST’s Mega-Gas sensor, this remarkable unit can detect OVER 100 toxic and combustible gases. Three alarm setpoints are provided for each gas, and audible as well as visual indicators alert you if any of these alarm limits have been exceeded. A “Gas Search” feature allows you to scan an area for any of these hazardous gases.
Besides the Mega-Gas sensor, the IQ-1000 also accepts electrochemical, catalytic bead, solid state, or infrared sensors. A total of four sensors of varying types can be used, giving the IQ-1000 the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications. A large, 8 line, 40 character per line display allows you to simultaneously view the readings of all 4 sensors.
The standard unit includes a built-in sample pump, sample wand, and carrying case. Calibration is simple and automated, and optional datalogging enables storage of months of data. An RS-232 port provides interface to a computer or printer. Power is provided by six ‘D’ size alkaline or nicad batteries, or the AC adapter/charger. The IQ 1000 weighs approximately 6 lbs., including batteries.