Bearing, lubrication andfiltration Systems were developed to reduce overall operational and maintenance cost associated with contaminated bearings, gear boxes, and other rotational equipment. The end-user is able to purify a systemís lube oil while on-line. This process removes harmful contaminants before they can accumulate and cause problems.


One of the most serious contaminants is water. Water undetected can cause unwanted downtime, system failures and loss of profits. Although sampling is a well known method of examining lubrication oils, the need for an economical and reliable online water in oil detection system is apparent. The device must be reliable , easy to set up and affordable.


EESIFLO has developed its line of capacitance based loop powered EASZ-1 water in oil systems.

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The EASZ-1 is a temperature compensated microprocessor based loop powered water in oil detector andenables fast and reliable online detection and sensing of moisture or water in emulsion or free form in oil i.e. TOTAL water . The instrument can be applied in on-line water oilmonitoring and as a controllinginstrument allowing separators and oil purifiers to be started as needed or as a safety enhancerprotectingsystems from failure resulting from water contamination. The sensor /switchresponds very fastto a change in the capacitance of the lubrication oil being sensed and is not affected by saturation levels.


Water contaminatingoil can cause quick and costly breakdowns. It can happen so fast that in many cases the presence of water in oil can be classified as a more serious contamination problem than article contamination!

Since water contamination can happenat any time, it is possible that unknown damage can be caused on bearings and other lubricated components without the end user realizing it is actually happening. The EASZ-1 water in oil transmitter can give early warning of a problem so that corrective action can be taken.



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A wide range of mounting options in either welded or bolted construction which means all units are suitable for agricultural, industrial, marine and nuclear applications, with stainless steel or acid proof rods and bearings.




Our design and technical teams calculate torques and speeds to select the right drive for the application.



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Lubricant Oils Quality

Lubricating Oil Analysis, Oil Condition Monitoring Laboratories

laboratories test engine oils, lubricanting oils and other fluids for detection of lubricant engine wear and other problems that lead to costly engine failures. Protect your engines with oil condition monitoring programs detailed oil and lube test results, presented in an easy-to-read and understandable report. The Oil Condition Monitoring laboratories use Spectrometry, Viscosity, Dilution, Water detection, Acid Number, Base Number, Particle counting, and Microscopy to accurately test lubricant oil samples.




Contamination and dispersancy in used diesel crankcase lubricating oils.

Water content in fuels and oils.

Engine wear debris in marine lubricants.

Insolubles content in industrial lubricants and engine lubricants used in marine non-engine applications.

Additive elements, wear metals and contaminants in new and used lubricating oils.

Insolubles, water and oxidation in used lubricating oils.

Insolubles in used marine lubricating oils.

Flash point of used marine diesel oils.


Air Compressor fluids.

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